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Millions to Ditch Their TV License for a Streaming Service - InPlayer Paywall
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Millions to Ditch Their TV License for a Streaming Service

10 August 2016 by

Streaming services are becoming more popular every year. But, according to a new survey, as VOD and SVOD continue to embed themselves in our lives, almost 10 million Brits will get rid of their TV license. […]

NHL and MLB Will Use Twitter to Live Stream Games - InPlayer Paywall
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NHL and MLB Will Use Twitter to Live Stream Games

27 July 2016 by

One of Twitter’s USPs is its ability to deliver live, up-to-date coverage and reaction to events. Indeed, the platform is most alive in the midst of major political, entertainment, and social events. Now Twitter plans capitalise […]

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Video Streaming: One of the Fastest Growing Entertainment Methods

04 July 2016 by

Streamed video on demand (SVOD) is still a relatively new concept. Even 10 years ago, the idea of being able to choose exactly which shows you wish to watch at exactly the times that suit you […]

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Will Millennials Be the Death of Cable Television?

23 June 2016 by

Though the generation which first embraced cable television are increasingly cutting the cord, we’re not seeing cable television being abandoned anywhere nearly as quickly as many initially predicted. However, millennials are proving to be much more […]

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How Integrating Video with Live Events Can Boost ROI Pt 2

16 June 2016 by

In my last blog post, I’ve discussed on how effective video marketing and event marketing are when it comes to increasing ROI and engagement. Indeed, they have both become go-to tactics for the most successful marketers. […]

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How Integrating Video with Live Events Can Boost ROI Pt 1

15 June 2016 by

Video and events are both incredibly effective marketing techniques. However, the two are usually thought of as distinct. But now, as live video sharing and other digital video developments take grip, these two techniques are being […]

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Live Streaming Is About To Boom

03 June 2016 by

Online video is evolving. And, for both brands and regular people, one of the most exciting developments is live streaming. Platforms such as Periscope, Meercat, Facebook Live, and Blab give users the ability to broadcast video […]

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Joss Stone & Friends On PPV Live Stream On May 15

13 May 2016 by

Soul singer, Joss Stone, headlines a Barnardo’s fundraising concert to help transform the lives of the UK’s most vulnerable children and mark the charity’s 150th anniversary. Joss’ performance will feature guest appearances from friends who have […]

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Why Netflix Is The Present And Future Of Video Streaming

09 May 2016 by

There is no doubt that Netflix is the dominant force when it comes to video streaming; it has around 90% of the market with competitors such as Hulu and Amazon Prime taking up the remaining 10% […]

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Tips On Streaming For Religious Congregations

06 May 2016 by

If you want to give your place of worship an online presence there is a lot to think about if you want to make it work as well as it possibly can. You want to make […]

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