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Live Sports Leads The Way In The Future Of Live Streaming

There is nothing quite like a live sporting event for the level of excitement it can produce. Whether it’s watching Tom Brady score a touchdown at Super Bowl, or admiring the sheer power of Usain Bolt as he wins Olympic gold, it’s a spine-tingling experience. It’s also an experience that is helping to mould the future of online live video streaming.

The way that sports coverage is delivered to viewers has changed greatly over the years, since the screening of the Olympics way back in 1936. Twenty years ago the introduction of multichannel TV brought with it the chance for viewers to get a more in-depth viewing experience. Now online live streaming provides the opportunity for content to be more personalized to the individual.

The benefits of different viewing mediums

There is no doubt that viewing content online has the potential to provide a personal experience; one that is more tailored to individual tastes and preferences. This makes online video content the way forward when it comes to optimum enjoyment of live sporting events. That being said, there is still a way to go before TV loses its grip on many of the major sporting events. The last Super Bowl attracted 112 million TV viewers compared to 1.3 million who watched the online live stream. This was partly because Super Bowl has become a huge traditional TV viewing event over the years and partly because the TV producers still have access to top quality presenters and sports specialists who can enhance the viewing experience. Live streaming may still have some way to go before it gains real ground at events like Super Bowl but it is very much at the party. Remember when 8 million people watched the extreme sports experience of Felix Baumgartner which was only available by online live stream.

The way forward

The adrenaline rush of live sport perfectly lends itself to the excitement of online live streaming. It does not matter what the sport is, online video can bring it to an audience. As the quality of online live streaming continues to improve so events like future Soccer World Cups and Olympic Games will be the subject of mass live streaming. This is especially positive when it comes to events like the Olympic Games which have huge appeal across the globe. Due to the nature of transmissions across multiple time zones it is not always possible for people to watch the action live on TV. That is not a problem if you have access to online live streaming, anytime and anywhere.

Working at InPlayer for 4 years as Head of Engineering and Operations we have worked on many live events and helped our clients stream and monetize their digital content. Together with the team we’ve been able to produce high-level online streaming from large venues like Maddison Square Garden, but also from small venues with not so good connections for streaming. All in all, as huge sports fan, there is no better feeling than successful live sports event both from technical and revenue aspect.

One of our top tier partners EverSport is a company that monetizes digital rights in niche live sports like college league events and is using our InPlayer Paywall solution, which is one of the most simple and flexible monetization solutions on the market that can be integrated in any environment.

Our Paywall gives you control over how you make your content available, and how much you charge for access to it, as well as making it easy to stream on social media platforms. We are always pleased to provide our clients with custom solutions. In fact, from our experience, what end-users appreciate most is ads-free, multi-device compatibility solutions with excellent customer support from the service provider. And we provide exactly that.

If you liked this blog post, make sure you stay tuned for the next one, in which I will discuss topics such as new production techniques, 4K, second screen options and much more.

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