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31 Jul 2020 / 8:00 PM GMT / 1 year ago

The Worlds First ever Virtual Miss England Semi Final

Due to the Coronavirus Pandemic, like many other events, the Miss England contest was forced to cancel a series of events scheduled to be held between March – June 2020.

Even though the UK is out of lockdown, Leicester where the Miss England contest is based is now back in Lockdown!

But never fear – the contest will now be held totally virtually!

“The Miss England semi final will now be held as a virtual event. Before Leicester went back in to lockdown we had agreed for our judges to meet at a central location (socially distanced) on the 31stJuly and all contestants will connect via zoom on the day of the event. But now Leicesters back in lockdown this is not possible . So we will just have to carry on and do the whole event virtually ! If anything changes we will let everyone know” said organiser Angie Beasley .

Up to 40 Contestants from across England have been invited to submit 3 videos to enter this years semi final, which consist of an introduction, a catwalk and a talent video..  The current Miss England NHS Doctor Bhasha Mukherjee ( pictured) will be making a special appearance  on the livestream after working at the hospital along with other former Miss & Mr England & Miss UK  winners !

Click here to get your digital pass and cast your vote for the next Miss England!

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