VOCES8 – Live from London – Chanticleer – Love, always.

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03 Oct 2020 / 8:00 PM GMT

Chanticleer’s musical life has been on hold for the past six months, and during these difficult times, they’ve been figuring out how to continue to sing while remaining safe and vigilant. “Live from London” is their emergence, their first performance in this new world.

For them suiting up for a show is a familiar feeling, but now it’s for a new, digital audience – and they couldn’t be more excited! Their repertoire for “Live from London” represents the Chanticleer many have known and loved for years, but it also showcases a new direction.

So mark your calendars and join us this Saturday, the 3rd of October at 7pm BST, to watch this amazing performance.

Get your tickets here.

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