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23 May 2020 / 8:30 PM GMT / 1 year ago

The Medicine Show was such fun, we will do it again on the 23rd May.. Part 2!

It is you guys who are the bedrock of the whole music industry and its is for you that we all do what we do… as well as really enjoying ourselves in the process!

We were all part of something quite incredible last Saturday, something of a revolution, brought on by changing circumstances beyond our collective control. What a thing, an HD gig being played in Wigan, streamed to Johannesburg and then on globally to everyone around the world.. independently!

The theme for the next show will be change. “The nature of nature is change” – John May – The Generalist Archive. We live in a permanent state of change, although right now some of these changes are in very sharp focus. Lets talk about that!

In this second edition of The Medicine Show, is included with your ticket, a free download of my second release BAND (2010). Its a very different affair from the instrumental and somewhat pastoral niceties of my first album, The Joys of Spring (2008) which you got with the last show ticket.. A much darker and crazier affair, recorded with a band, reflecting changing times, hardship, moments of joy, loss of love, mental instability and drug abuse.. What a difference 2 years and a changing set of circumstances can have… This is my blues, my coping strategy for a very difficult time.. Music is the medicine.

Remember folks, if you bought a ticket for The Medicine Show, you can watch again at any time, or if you didn’t you can buy a ticket, watch anytime and get your free album download! This goes for all the shows and they will stay up on Skyroom Live forever..

With your support we can make it a regular thing, bring in some new elements, hopefully the band sometime soon and carry on even when we are back to touring again at some point.

Have a lovely day and hope we see you again on the 23rd! If you enjoyed the show, please tell your friends and we hope we can build this thing and have our part in changing the way we do things together.

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