29 Jun 2019 / 3:00 PM GMT / 2 years ago

International Bushido SWAT ’73 Tournament

The purpose and objectives of the SWAT ’73 tournament in ALYTAUS are to popularize combat sports among youth and adults and raise the sporting excellence of the fighters. The tournament is run by Sp.k. “RONINAS” and the Lithuanian Bushido Federation. Athletes aged 15 and above will be fighting according to age groups and weight categories. All participants must be familiar with the rules and requirements of the tournament.

The competition will be held under Bushchild ZST, Boxing and K-1 Formula in the following timeframes:

K-1 – 3 rounds after 2 min. + 1 extra round 2 min. (break – 1min.)
ZST – 2 rounds 3 min. + 1 extra round 2 min. (break – 1min.)
Boxing – 3 rounds after 2 min. + 1 extra round 2 min. (break – 1min.)

Competitors take part in the following weight categories:

K-1: 51.54.57,60,63,66,71,75,81,84,91,91 + kg.
ZST: 50.55, 60, 65, 70.75, + kg

Participants of the tournament are awarded certificates, cups, and prizes.

The tournament will take place at 6 pm EEST on June 29th, 2019 at the incredible Alytaus Arena in Lithuania.

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