Stichting Cron Fanfare Band Festival & Stichting Cron Conferences – it could be done in Netherlands too!.

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29 Nov 2019 / 2:00 PM GMT

The idea to set up the CRON foundation came into being during the Festival of Brass at the Royal Northern College of Music in Manchester (UK). A fantastic event where attention is paid to repertoire development for brass bands. Similar festivals are also organized for Harmonie Orkest in the USA (Chicago) and Germany (Ulm). Some famous characters from the Dutch wind music world who were present as visitors to Manchester thought: “We can do this in the Netherlands too“.

This is how the CRON Foundation: Center for Repertoire Development in the Netherlands came into being. Repertoire development in wind music is central to us. What is going on with the publishers? How can we encourage composers to write a new repertoire? What do associations want? These are questions that concern them and that they are looking for answers to, in order to stimulate the development of repertoire in wind music.

Find out the answers to the questions in this year’s Stichting Cron Fanfare Band Festival & Conference.

November 29th (from 3 PM CET) at:

November 30th (from 10 PM CET) at:

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