A daylong conference at Betaworks Studios; RENDER: Hearing Voices.



27 Sep 2019 / 2:00 PM GMT

Join Betaworks Studios on Friday, September 27th from 10 am to 3 pm ET for Hearing Voices, the third iteration of the new RENDER bimonthly conference series exploring new areas of frontier technology.

In addition to the curated cohort of speakers, leaders in this frontier technology, attendees will meet with fellow evangelists, builders, investors, & enthusiasts as they define the landscape of Voice, identify opportunities, & discuss the social & political ramifications of this frontier technology with founder/CEOs Dennis Crowley (Foursquare), Danielle Baskin (Dialup), Jonathan Myers (Earplay), Naomi Hirabayashi (Shine), Molly Beck (, Saqib Muhammad (Resemble AI), Nicola Korzenko (GM, Podfund), Danika Laszuk (GM, Betaworks Camp), Matt Harman (Betaworks VC), Nicholas Pappageorge (Analyst, CB Insights).

The first wave of internet-connected audio started with iPods and RSS feeds and people creating podcasts in their garages.

In the second wave, smart speakers and connected cars increased the number of opportunities for people to listen to internet-powered audio. Companies such as Gimlet and Anchor led the way in this second wave of podcasting, creating excellent content, user experiences, and infrastructure for listeners and creators.

We are now entering into the third wave of audio. For podcasts, that means discovery and new monetization models. Beyond podcasts, there is also a new opportunity for audio-first utilities from synthesized voice to “Airpod-first” apps, and more.

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