With 75 participating corps and 85 performances, there are many hours of the ultimate in brass bands on NM Brass 2020!.

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07 Feb 2020 / 8:00 AM GMT

This year’s duty number is “Myth Forest” by Stig Nordhagen. Nordhagen will be present in the Grieg Hall and will also be a guest in our studio. The piece was first used during the EM brass in 2013 in Oslo.
New of the year is also that there will be elements from the Peer Gynt hall during the judge breaks in the elite division and the 1st division. The program leader in the elite division is Stein Skorpholm. He joins Jens T. Larsen as an expert commentator both Friday and Saturday. Larsen is affiliated with the University of Stavanger and has extensive experience as a judge. He has also been an expert commentator under Siddis Brass but debuted in this role in NM brass.

Håkon Mogstad is the program manager in the 1st division. Here too, there is a new face as an expert commentator. Trond Madsen is the artistic director of the BIT20 Ensemble in Bergen, is a percussionist and has directed several bands, including professional bands.

Don’t miss the chance to watch and listen to one of the biggest professionals in the entertainment world, only on the following link:

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