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25 Jun 2019 / 2:00 PM GMT / 2 years ago


A timeless city with a unique way of life, Orlando is a journey and a celebration. Steeped in European traditions and Caribbean influences, this city calls curious minds to sweet sounds and savory aromas fueled by three hundred years of history. From the moment you arrive, Orlando will beckon your ears, allure your eyes and enchant your heart. Indulge your senses and explore. We encourage you to follow the scent of gumbo floating out the kitchen window, foster a path that leads to the sounds of drums and a Blues guitar, create the route that welcomes you to a historic mansion or a hidden courtyard… We believe that the lagniappe – a little something extra – will stay with you, calling you back to discover the mystery behind this magical city. Orlando is and will always be a picturesque metropolitan, a culturally rich haven, and an authentic experience.

MILLENNIUM 2019 will once again feature the very best dancers from around the world. Don’t miss the DEBRA FONTAINE SHOW of SHOWS – OVER THE TOP UNDER THE BIG TOP Friday and Saturday night!!

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