The Live Healing Ceremony from Happy Foundation, live every Tuesday & Friday!.



11 Oct 2019 / 8:00 PM GMT

Happy Foundation exists for the purpose of ‘opening the joy’ for all peoples red, black, white, yellow and those in between. They gather the hearts of humanity for the truth that exists inside of our birthright. They deliver weekly ceremonies live every Friday via Livestream to the world at large.

Fifteen years in the making with a solid council of nine women that sit inside of still nous for Hearts of Humanity, to stop the poaching of the wild animals here and abroad, for peace for mankind, to raise the consciousness of the souls of humanity, and to assist in the healing of mother earth.

They show pure transparency to those seek help inside of our simple guidelines. They are making a promise to the world inside the moment to deliver 50% of all proceeds accepted from the following: The Heart Love App; and The Live Ceremonies held worldwide On Select Friday Evenings.

They exist for the purpose of giving… teaching…healing…for the truth in all forms here on earth. They deliver every Tuesday and Friday LIVE HEALINGS under the grace of our heavenly father …the angels of truth,…guided by the ancient ones from the beginning of time.

Their clear focus is to gently assist humanity inside all peoples to collectively gather for ‘urgent’ need for our environment; the consciousness of ancient wisdom teachings to reach all continents so that we may all share in the responsibility that we face with our planet.

Don’t miss, every Tuesday and Friday at 8 PM UTC! Only on the following link:

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