This live stream is a simple approach to healing. Learn how to heal yourself and others!.



08 Dec 2019 / 6:00 PM GMT

Establish the Most Coherent Cellular Level of Balance and Harmony with Reconnective Healing on Sunday, December 8th 10:00 AM – 12:30 PM PST live from Palm Springs.

The Reconnective Healing frequencies are here on this planet to offer us tangible and instant access to healing and transformation on a level never seen before by humanity. This is real healing for real people.

Healing is not fixing, yet you may have been led to think it is. When you try to “fix” things, you prevent infinite other opportunities and gifts from flowing into your life: you become oblivious to your true essence and fall prey to your doubts and fears. It’s natural to want your desired change to happen now – and it can! Yet when you stay in this constant wanting to “make it happen” (or “make it not happen”), you interrupt your natural ability to receive your healing at a cellular level. Interacting with the Reconnective Healing frequencies allows you instant access to limitless possibilities. These intelligent frequencies know what you need and will effortlessly bring about your new metamorphosis from within.

The Learn How to Heal Yourself and Others LIVESTREAM is a life-transforming event. You will learn to engage with the Reconnective Healing frequencies and discover just how simple healing can be! Only on the following link:

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