Horizons with the London based group – The Swingles.

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22 Aug 2020 / 8:00 PM GMT

For more than half a century, The Swingles have pushed the boundaries of vocal music. The seven young singers that make up today’s London-based group are driven by the same innovative spirit that has defined the five-time Grammy® winners since they first made waves in the 1960s. At a time when a cappella music is more popular than ever, The Swingles are recognised as masters of their craft.

How do you honour almost 60 years of vocal music history? For The Swingles, the answer is simple: by looking forward. 

This Saturday, on the 22nd of August at 2pm EST, for the first time since February, the legendary UK-based vocal group will be reuniting in person to bring you a one-off livestream performance. 

This event is a voyage of discovery that connects the group’s first Bach experiments with new original songs and cutting-edge technology, taking in influences from jazz, pop and folk music traditions along the way. Shining through it all is a message of hope for whatever lies ahead. In this show, The Swingles celebrate the power of song to build bridges and illuminate even the darkest of times.

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