Byron Katie’s New Year’s Mental Cleanse.



29 Dec 2019 / 4:30 PM GMT

The New Year’s Mental Cleanse is a rare and wonderful opportunity to spend three days immersed in the power of The Work with Byron Katie.

Join live online as Byron Katie answers questions and does The Work daily with participants onsite. Katie’s deep insights and humor, her total accessibility, and her untiring commitment to your freedom are some of the reasons this annual event has become an eagerly anticipated tradition.

Unlike the School for The Work, the Forgiveness Event or the No-Body Intensive, the Mental Cleanse has no curriculum. Katie takes her seat each day and facilitates The Work with one person after another throughout the day. She also answers questions from the audience.

BKI looks forward to this year’s New Year’s Cleanse onsite and by webcast since it allows all of us to come together from around the world for this immersion into the power of the questioned mind.

Read more and register only on the following link:

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