BKB 19 Is Set To Showcase A Score Of Succulent Bare-Knuckle Scraps.



16 Nov 2019 / 7:00 PM GMT

November 16th, 2019. World middleweight champion Jimmy Sweeney must fend-off his mandatory challenger, Ricardo Franco in the Bare Knuckle Boxing main event.

Sweeney is a seasoned champion and will, of course, deploy all his physical and tactical prowess to keep BKB17’s Prizefighter champion, Franco, from snatching his crown.

However, the strapping Gainsborough man appears title ravenous and believes his Irish adversary will be in for a massive shock when he re-aligns the order of the bare-knuckle jungle by causing a complete upset on the night.

Also, Dean “Smudger” Smith collides with Tony Lafferty in the Prizefighter semi-finals, where a thunderous battle between the two ex-servicemen is anticipated to be on the cards.

Lafferty: A hardboiled Scotsman who can box, bang, and scrap for fun, will undoubtedly be thrashing like a racehorse at the starting gate – ferociously fired-up to utilise the compressed confines of the BKB ring, wasting no time at all with getting stuck-right-into a ripping “knock” and bagging his place in the final.

Smudger Smith is a solid boxer who’s capable of unloading knuckled-dynamite like it’s going out of style. The Yorkshireman is as tough as they come and supremely confident in his ability to break Lafferty before the final bell. (This one is set to be a belter).

The flip-side to the semi-final draw is Mark Rawes vs. Hubert Gevin. Gevin possesses the kickboxing and MMA background and carries enough power to put away Rawes with one shot. However, Rawes is a decent boxer whose precision and timing may just put him in good stead to nick the rounds and grab the victory.

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