Current data processors

We asses all processors to ensure our continued compliance with our obligations to Users, Clients, and data processing regulations such as GDPR.

To help us deliver InPlayer we share information and data with some external processors and 3rd party apps. We list those processors here and outline the agreements in place:

We update this list prior to the commencement of any new sub processor.

Google Inc.

We use Google Analytics to help us understand the way people use InPlayer so we can make it better and communicate relevant information to users. To provide this Google collects anonymised statistical data about the use of our website and applications. InPlayer uses Gmail as our email provider, meaning all emails sent to and from InPlayer personnel is stored on Google’s servers. We also use Google Drive for shared files. In rare cases we have lists of contact details in a Google sheet, but we are continuously working on removing all such data.

Read Google Analytics’ Privacy Policy


Information being updated

Pardot (SalesForce app)

We use Pardot to keep track of incoming communication and sending our emails about product updates to our clients.

Being a SalesForce company, Pardot’s privacy policy matches the one of SalesForce (see above).

Freshdesk Inc.

Our customer support system and emails are provided by Freshdesk. Customers email addresses will appear in Freshdesk along with all discussion between the customer and ourselves.

Read more about Freshdesk’s committment to GDPR

Slack Inc.

We primarily use Slack for internal electronic communications. It’s entirely possible that at times these discussions will be about clients and particular situations they need assistance with, and in that regard data will be shared.

Slack store their Data in USA Data Centres and have certified with EU-US Privacy Shield

Our relationship is governed by their Terms of Service and a GDPR compliant Data Processing Addendum.


We process debit and credit card payments using Stripe Payments Europe Limited. a worldwide payments provider. The main capture is through their european subsidiary based in Ireland, but some of the data is passed to Stripe Inc. the parent company in the USA. For this transfer to be lawful they employ the European Commission’s Standard Contractual Clauses (“Model Clauses”) to allow for the lawful transfer of such data under the EU Data Directive.

Atlassian (Confluence)

We use Atlassian to store incoming feature requests from clients, where, in some cases, an email from our client explaining the request is added to the card.


Being an international company we use Skype to communicate with clients and partners.

Elastic Search

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Amazon Web Services

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Some discontinued services

InThe past we’ve made use of services or apps provided by MailChimp, Clicky and Facebook Piksel. As a part of making our data governance as streamlined and secure as possible (we don’t want to spread any data unnecessarily), we have decided to wipe accounts with them and discontinue any partnership.