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Learning A Lesson From Esports, About Video Creation

In case you don’t already know; esports is a global phenomenon where gamers play against each other, often for impressive amounts of cash. When we say impressive, we are not exaggerating; prize money can run into the millions of dollars. This does not mean that everyone who competes in esports wins major amounts of money, but it’s certainly possible.

Esports has become that massive and mainstream that facilities such as Robert Morris University in Chicago now regard it as a varsity sport. You may be thinking that this is unbelievable but if you look at the figures then you can see the logic behind it. Just one League of Legends World Qualifier recently resulted in a full house at Madison Square Garden, and you should not forget that Amazon paid an incredible $900 million to acquire Twitch. This is mainstream gaming and it’s big. You may be wondering what this has to do with producing videos. It may surprise you to learn that last year’s League of Legends World Championship attracted 27 million total viewers with 11.2 million people joining just to watch Samsung Galaxy White beat Star Horn Royal Club. You can see why there are lessons to be learnt from esports when it comes to video production. Here are some of them.

(Video) Content is king

If you want your video content to be successful you can never provide anything less than high quality, compelling content. Your aim should always be to provide viewers with what they want in their own homes, or wherever they choose to watch.

It’s about the experience

Watching your video content should not just be about the video itself; it should be about the entire experience. Using the example of esports, viewers can join the action watching it live on video, then they can try out some of the gaming moves themselves. You should be providing video content that viewers can actually feel involved with.

Viewers may not watch automatically

There may be people who will come across your content and watch it, but in general they need to be told that it exists. Producing a video and putting it out there is not enough, you need to create demand for the content. If you look at what esports does you can see what we mean. An event is created and advertised, meaning that people are interested in the event itself. The action is then made available to view on video and people are already so interested in the event that they can’t wait to watch. This is the sense of anticipation that you need to be building around your video content.

Looking at all of these points you can see how esports is getting it right  and how you can learn from this phenomenon when producing your own video content.

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