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Learn How To Monetise Your Blog Using InPlayer Paywall Plugin

The internet is crammed with content. Much of this content is available for free. But many people don’t realize that the internet is not necessarily synonymous with free content. Those who create the best content have an opportunity generate income from their work. At InPlayer, we specialize in enabling the businesses and individuals with the best content to monetize their digital assets.

Our WordPress Paywall Plugin allows bloggers and publishers to do just that. By equipping your blog with a paywall or registration layer, our plugin makes it easy for you to generate revenue from some or all of your work. The plugin enables users to set up a paywall around any type of embeddable content – such as videos, music, text and PDF documents or even entire web pages.

Setting up the plugin is very simple. Simply download the plugin and follow our step-by-step set-up wizard. The plugin is completely free to use, and we accept payment from all major credit cards as well as multiple currencies including Euros, US dollars, and Sterling. You can also select from a range of pricing options, such as hourly, daily, weekly or monthly tariffs or pay per view. We charge a small fee and percentage per transaction.

WordPress is used on 74,652,825 websites globally. By choosing to create a plugin for the platform, we want to make it easy for content creators around the world to generate an income from their work. We remain dedicated to innovation and believe that we are only just scraping the surface of the Internet’s vast possibilities – including the creation of new business models and self-employment opportunities.

You can download the plugin at https://wordpress.org/plugins/inplayer-paywall/. For more information, call +44 (0)203 34024 or just click the button below and get in touch.

InPlayer is redefining digital asset monetization. Founded in 2010, our mission is to help entrepreneurs, businesses, and creatives make more money from their work. We have offices in London, Macedonia, and the US.

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