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Join the Growth of Streaming as Netflix Continues Expansion

Last week, Netflix stole the thunder after revealing that it has expanded its reach into 130 new countries. #NetflixEverywhere is available almost everywhere across the globe, with a few notable exceptions including China, Syria and Crimea. We  have to admit that we were quite impressed by Netflix, considering it only began expanding outside the US in 2010. It’s also a further indicator of the growing popularity of streaming as a viewing medium.

As we mentioned in one of our blog posts last week, much of the new content that is available internationally will be Netflix produced content such as Jessica Jones and Marco Polo. This is because global distribution rights for content from Hollywood studios can be difficult and costly to obtain. Due to the worldwide appetite for streaming content Netflix is confident enough to expand using original content as the foundation.

netflix-logoWhy you should be joining Netflix in providing a streaming service

We are not suggesting that you can become a major rival for Netflix, but it is worth considering how you can take advantage of the growing number of people who are cutting the cord. By this we mean all those people who are increasingly choosing to view content by means other than traditional TV. There does not seem to be any sign of this trend slowing anytime soon and the new devices around seem to support this. One such device is the Sling TV interface from Dish which makes recommendations to viewers and stores content in the Cloud. Samsung is also adding technology to its latest generation TVs so that one remote can control add-on devices, such as game consoles, as well as the TV itself. Given all of this, you can see why joining the streaming revolution is a good idea.

Monetizing your contentInPlayer logo

Of course, if you want to offer a content streaming service then you need to make sure you are monetizing the content at the optimum level. A service like InPlayer enables viewers of your content to easily subscribe to, and pay for your service while they are watching content. It’s a really simple solution to use and you can offer a variety of currencies and subscription alternatives.

Giants like Netflix are leading the way in the Global development of online video streaming, but that does not mean you can’t join in; quite the opposite in fact. You just need to make sure that you offer good quality content, that people want to watch, and employe a solution such as InPlayer to help you monetize your content at the optimum level. Join us now or if you have any questions don’t hesitate to reach our sales team at InPlayer. 

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