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Is Live Sports Streaming On The Rise?

If you know anything about the NFL you will know that its huge popularity continues to rise. It’s a juggernaut in the world of sports and powers its way along, with other popular sports franchises such as the NBA and NHL also continuing to increase their fan bases. As sport continues to rise in popularity with viewers, so does the live streaming of events.

Fans who can’t get to a game, and those that prefer to watch their sport from the comfort of their own home, or on a mobile device while they are out and about, are keen to access more live streaming content. The major restriction to live streaming reaching its full potential right now is securing high quality and reliable streaming at all times.

NFL-live-sports-streamingThe Importance Of Reliable Live Streaming

If people pay to watch live streaming of a sports event they want a high-quality experience; sometimes technical issues can present problems. During the recent Jacksonville Jaguars versus the Buffalo Bills match, streamed as a first offering by Yahoo, viewers on laptops and desktops had some major issues with viewing. People who viewed the content on mobile devices experienced fewer issues. Despite the problems, the content still attracted 15.2 million unique viewers. It has to be said that viewers were counted even if they watched as little as three seconds of the content, but overall this is still a pretty impressive viewing figure. It shows that the appetite for live sports streaming exists in abundance.

The Successful Models Of Other Sports

Some other sports, such as basketball and boxing, may have a smaller event by event viewership, but they have adapted their live streaming to provide a more varied viewer experience. They both provide options to watch one of content, or to subscribe to a wider batch of content with access to additional extras. This provision of choice is important in supporting the rise in popularity of live sports streaming because, there is no doubt about it, the rise is happening.

In order to realize the full potential of live sports streaming, providers need to ensure their streaming is of at least a comparable quality to TV coverage, and provide a high quality and cost-effective user experience, by working with partners such as InPlayer. The experts at InPlayer provide the ability to monetize video content during viewing without the need for reduced viewer experience by redirecting to a payment solution. They also enable the use of varied viewing packages, from viewing to subscriptions. This flexibility is vital as the popularity of sports live streaming continues to grow.

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