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InPlayer Splash Page Enables Streamlined Payment Experience

InPlayer is always looking for ways to improve the customer experience. That’s why the team has been testing an innovative splash page solution for the last few months. Working with a select group of partners, InPlayer has designed a splash page feature that is easy to build and simplifies the viewer payment process.

InPlayer knows how important time and efficiency is to the digital content publishers it works with. That’s why the design of a splash page feature has been high on the priority list; now it has arrived. The splash page is available for all digital publishers who work with InPlayer to use.

splashpageWhat are the benefits of InPlayer’s splash page solution?

One of the best features of the InPlayer splash page is that it’s very easy to set up. Digital content publishers want to concentrate their time and energy on creating and releasing great content. Saving time on creating the splash page enables them to do this. Being able to build a page quickly is also extremely advantageous if publishers want to monetize a live stream and time is of the essence.

The splash page also represents an excellent user experience. It is really easy to navigate and the payment feature is simple to use. Viewers will be attracted by the simple payment process.

Publishers can use the InPlayer splash page to monetize their pay per view events, quickly and seamlessly. It’s a quick and efficient solution for all video streaming monetization needs.

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