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InPlayer: Engage Your Audience And Monetize Your Content

Why maximising the potential of your audience is important

If you have spent time, effort and money producing video content that reflects your brand and message you don’t want it to go to waste. InPlayer provides you with the opportunity to maximise the monetization of your content, so your efforts are rewarded. Using the InPlayer solution you can connect with your audience across a wide range of streaming platforms and secure their buy-in before, during and after your video live streaming.

It doesn’t matter what your online video platform is: Brightcove, DaCast, Ooyala, Wistia, Arkena, JWPlayer, thePlatform, to name a few, InPlayer supports them all. You even have the option of customised player options.

Creating and customising

After you have created the perfect piece of video, InPlayer enables you to optimise the viewer experience. You can customise your channel and enable it to be reached across all of your viewers’ favourite platforms. In this way, you won’t miss out on any potential viewings.

Monetizing your content

It isn’t just about providing the best viewing experience for your audience; you want to secure the best monetization for your content. Layering the InPlayer product over your video content ensures you have complete control over securing monetization and monitoring engagements and conversion progress in real time. Include request subscription or pay per view for any or all of your content.

You can engage your customers by offering them auto-renewing subscription model or pay per view for any or all of your content.

Use InPlayer analytics to improve retention

Once you have a loyal audience for your online video content, and you are securing revenue as a result, you don’t want to lose any viewers. You need to monitor any changes in viewing or subscription figures so that you can address them as soon as they occur. InPlayer’s advanced analytics enable you to do this. You have all of the up to date data you need at your fingertips. You just access your personal control panel and you can export any of the information provided for use in marketing.

InPlayer is a respected solution in the live streaming environment. It enables you to reach and engage an audience. It also means that you can make the most of that engagement by maximising the monetization of your content. All of this means that all that time, money and effort you invest in creating your video content is well spent as you can maximise the amount of revenue you get in return.

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