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Video accounts for over half of all Internet traffic today; every day billions of videos are watched worldwide. You can see how important it is to produce and publish videos of your brand, business or organisation online. Of course, if you are spending all that money, time and effort producing high-quality video content you want to be able to monetize your content effectively.

We are pleased to introduce our two paywall products! InPlayer in-video paywall and splash-page paywall.

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If you want to make it easier for your viewer to buy video access you can use our system as it is streamlined, mobile ready and completely secure. You won’t be faced anymore with page re-directions, pop-ups and lengthy forms that can deter potential customers.

Using a paywall to monetize online video

Paywall is a popular online video monetization method across the globe. It is used throughout different industries and areas, such as sport, faith, education and entertainment. A paywall does not have boundaries; it enables the same payment experience for viewers, whatever their geographical location.

Using a paywall means that producers can monetize their content as they see fit. They can offer a subscription service and PPV as well as offering a selection of incentives for regular viewing. Paywalls also offer a series of payment options and currency choices to make the whole process simple for viewers and producers alike.

The InPlayer paywall solution

InPlayer is a pioneer in the world of paywall, offering Subscription Management, Entitlement Management and Payment Management for rights holders, video content owners and aggregators. There are several ways for publishers to access the state of the art technology including as a package or a platform specific solution.

Producers have the ability to use their own merchant account with InPlayer or to use the one on offer, Braintree integration, through which they can accept payment in any currency. Every aspect of the e-commerce solution can be customised to suit individual brands.

InPlayer’s paywall allows you to directly make payments through your video player; set up custom pricing and use its localization and promotional tools.

The InPlayer splash-page paywall solution

InPlayer has designed a splash page feature that is easy to build and simplifies the viewer payment process.

One of the best features of InPlayer splash page is that it’s very easy to set up. Digital content publishers want to concentrate their time and energy on creating and releasing great content. Saving time on creating the splash page enables them to do this. Being able to build a page quickly is also extremely advantageous if publishers want to monetize a live stream and time is of the essence.

InPlayer’s splash-page paywall enables you to build a page in minutes, where you can publish and sell your video
you can make on-page payments collection and let’s you set up a countdown timer.

InPlayer’s applications run in a range of leading online video platforms such as DaCast, Brightcove, Ooyala, Kaltura, Qbrick, , Piksel and many more. If you have any questions feel free to contact InPlayer’s team at info@inplayer.com

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