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How To Use YouTube For Marketing


We are all aware that social media platforms can be a powerful marketing channels for your business. Last week, we discussed tips on how to market your business on Facebook and Twitter and today we are going to explore the ways you can promote your business, using YouTube.

So, how to get started marketing your business on YouTube?

Brand Your Channel: The first thing we would suggest is to brand your channel. Make sure to check out all options that will help you customize your channel. The design and the colors should be in line with your brand’s cooperate colors and logo.

Use Annotations To Build Subscribers: Another important YouTube marketing tool are setting up annotations that can help you get viewers to watch your other content or motivate them to do other actions while on your YouTube channel. You can do that by adding annotations that include clickable calls to action. They will appear on top of your videos and can include links to other videos, playlists, subscription button and more.

Use YouTube Ads: Once you’re happy with how your channel looks and you’ve used almost everything of the YouTube tools that are offered for free, then you should start thinking about how to promote your videos, get more video views and reach a greater audience. 

Leverage other social media platforms: YouTube is just another social media platform, so if you want to get more video views and reach a greater audience then you should use other ways to extend the reach of your video and make it more shareable. The first thing you can do is blog about it. Every time you have a new video, you should make sure you write a blog post about it. Use a keyword-rich title, and fill your post with appropriate, complementary content. This will deliver your video to your blog subscribers and increase its chances of being found in a search. Plus, you can add your own sharing buttons on your blog, making it easier for other people to share your content. Another thing you can do is posting it on Facebook. Whether on your profile page or on your business page, you can reach a much wider audience on Facebook. And last, but not least is to tweet about it. Good content goes way up on Twitter.

Review YouTube Analytics Insight: One of maybe the most important things when managing a YouTube channel is checking the powerful analytics offered by YouTube. This will give you the insight into who visited your channel, what they viewed and how they found your video. You can either get information on an individual video or on all videos you’ve uploaded.

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