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How To Use Twitter For Marketing


Twitter can be a powerful marketing channel, offering users the chance to share, connect, interact, follow, search, praise in 140 character tweets. Usually, B2B marketers use Twitter to attract prospects, interact and engage with potential customers, increase brand awareness and more.

If you want to start using Twitter as a marketing tool for your business, here are some tips to get you started:

Interact With The Twitter Community: Twitter is a place, which allows your business to participate in discussions with potential customers/clients and more. There are three ways you can do that. One way is to get your message to a targeted audience, for which you will most likely get a response. Then, the advertising technique, using Twitter to get out the promotional message and the third way of participating in the Twitter community is the approach which was created via social media and allows you to conversate with large audience and either get a response or just being heard.

Dive In The Twitter Pool: If you are on Twitter, you should always keep up with the trending #hashtags, join groups, discuss on relevant topics and follow influential and relevant accounts. Add appropriate hashtag when tweeting your story as that will allow you to be seen by people outside your network of followers. By doing all of the above, you give your business and opportunity to build up its own social media presence.

Ask and Answer: We all aware of the fact that Twitter is a social media platform, where people ask and get responses.  Taking that into consideration, it is very important that your account is available for others to ask questions, for which they can get an answer.

Create A Tweet Strategy: Create a Tweet strategy that best represents your business services and intentions. Your Tweet strategy can include as many tweets you post per day, the tone of voice you use, the number of RTs you make and the manner in which you’ll respond to questions and mentions.

Keep Up-To-Date: Make room for following what others are doing, tweeting about, saying as you want to avoid posting old news. If there is a current event or trend relating to your business, try to tie your story, using the right hashtags to get your tweet in the conversational mix. Collect opinions, thoughts, likes and dislikes of the people you follow and vice versa.

Keep Tweets That Compliment Your Business: Make sure you save tweets that praise your business or service as you might need them in the future.

If you want to read more on how to market your business on other social media platforms stay tuned for the next blog posts. 

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