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How To Use LinkedIn For Marketing


If your content is professionally oriented then LinkeIn would be a great place to promote your business. Like Facebook, you can use LinkedIn as a place to get involved in group discussions and if you do good, then very soon you’ll start getting recognized and suddenly everybody will check out your links and want to see what you have to offer. Before you get started you should know the following:

Update Your LinkedIn Company Page Regularly: On your company page, you can post the latest news, product updates, videos and promotions and in no time you can get the feedback of how it’s perceived by your followers, mainly through likes, comments, and shares. This way, you’ll be giving your followers a variety of content to consume and by getting their feedback you can adjust your posting frequency or alter your content based on what is popular or what is missing.

Encourage Discussion With Your Audience: The communication on LinkedIn doesn’t have to be one way. You use your company’s page as a place where you can discuss on many topics with your audience. You can ask them questions, what they think on certain topics and more. As a matter of fact, always try and introduce your content with a question or comments to spark discussion among followers.

Use LinkedIn Ads To Increase Number Of Followers: There is nothing wrong in spending some money on advertising on LinkedIn. Did you know that LinkedIn Ads can specifically target your demographic by industry, geographic location, seniority, age, or by LinkedIn Group, plus LinkedIn claims that they have greater user base than Forbes, Business Week or Wall Street Journal.

Promote Your LinkedIn Company Page: Make sure you promote your LinkedIn company, in the same way as if it was your blog, Twitter or Facebook page. You can simply do that, by telling your fans and followers that now they can follow you on LinkedIn as well.

Answer Questions And Be Helpful To Your Readers: Do weekly scans on all questions that are coming your way. In this way, you can provide answers and link them to your blog posts or website as that might be helpful for the person who asked the question.

LinkedIn SEO: You are probably wondering how to come on top when somebody is searching you on LinkedIn. Make sure your profile is complete and up-to-date and pay attention especially to the keywords you are using. You can also help the search engines find you faster if you get yourself  a customized URL.

Measure Your Success:  Last, but not least, make sure you check LinkedIn analytics. Using LinkedIn analytics, you can see how your followers behave, learn about their interests, age, gender, professional career and much more. Once you start using that data, you can even compare yourself with similar companies and find ways to improve your company’s page if necessary.

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