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How To Make Video Work For Your Place Of Worship

Many people argue that the world needs religion now more than it ever did. The problem is that many religions and individual places of worship don’t communicate with potential worshippers in the right way. We live in a digital age and it’s vital for religious communities to embrace this if they really want to engage people with what they have to offer.

Using social media and video content not only enables religious groups to reach a much wider audience more easily; it also makes them seem more relevant in the modern world.

Churches and social media

In 2013, the Christian Post named five churches as the top five for using social media; Mars Hill Seattle, LifeChurch.tv, Cross Point Church, Gateway Church and Community Bible Church. All of these churches were extremely active across social media channels such as Twitter and Facebook, some of them even having specially chosen social media pastors to take control of these activities. All of these churches were able to increase their congregations and keep them engaged with regular online contact.


Why does video content work so well for places of worship?

Think about it, billions of people watch videos on YouTube every day. If you are a member of a church that wants to raise its profile, this provides the perfect means to do so. You don’t have to be a rich church either as it doesn’t cost anything to post a video to YouTube. You can set up your own channel and engage regular viewers with content about activities such as fundraising or charity work.

No matter what you may think of video as a communication medium there is no doubting that it holds the attention better than written text if you’re trying to introduce someone to a new topic. It’s also one of the most relevant communication methods today. As a church, if you use video on a regular basis you are going to appear more relevant. This is likely to attract the attention of a younger demographic. Attracting these younger people is vital if you’re going to keep your church vital and growing over the coming years.

Religion often struggles to seem relevant today but in fact, it’s just as relevant as ever. You can bring out this relevance by communicating with people via video shared across social media platforms. This will make you seem current and give you access to people’s live on a daily basis.

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