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How Musicians Benefit From PPV Concerts

The Grateful Dead hit the headlines in 2015 when they aired concerts from their Fare Thee Well tour on pay per view (PPV). But the use of PPV isn’t just for music legends, any artist or band can use the model to present their material to a wider audience.

The streaming of live music events is up there with sports events and breaking news as the most popular live streaming content with viewers. If you get it right then streaming a concert on PPV doesn’t just improve your revenue opportunities, it opens you up to a much a wider audience.


Think about it, if you are still developing a following then chances are many of your fans are going to be local to your area. They have probably stuck with you from your very first gigs. As soon as you start to develop an online interest in your music and videos, your fan base begins to expand.

How PPV Live Streaming Helps You Retain And Increase Your Fan Base

Once your fan base begins to expand, and you start to develop your online presence, people are going to be hungry for access to your music. Depending on where you are gigging, they may not have a chance to see you live. Giving them access to live PPV events is the next best thing. You can see PPV helps by:

  • Giving people who can’t get to a live gig the chance to see you in action.
  • Giving access to a wider range of your music to online fans.
  • Giving people the chance to see your performance rather than just listen to you music.
  • Giving you the opportunity to share the live experience with more of your fans.

The Potential Revenue Of PPV

Of course, you shouldn’t underestimate the revenue potential of live streaming concerts on PPV. If you sell out a venue you have the opportunity to get additional returns from selling the concert online. You can also secure revenue from all those fans who otherwise would not be able to see you perform live.

It’s easy to see the potential of live streaming gigs on PPV but it’s important that you offer content that is of high quality; otherwise you’re soon going to see your fan base diminishing. Make sure that you enlist the services of professionals to ensure that the venue, sound and visuals are all conducive to providing an excellent PPV product. If you do this your fans are more likely to come back for more.

In the past years, we’ve been very happy to have worked on live PPV concerts for bands like Backstreet Boys, New Kids On The Block, the electronic duo Basement JXX and many more. If you plan to organize a live pay per view event, don’t hesitate to reach us out. Our experts at InPlayer, we’ll be more than happy to help you with any questions you have.

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