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How Live Streaming is Helping Churches Reach More People

Live streaming technology is revolutionizing the way churches are engaging with their communities. Every day, more and more faith-based organizations are live streaming services and rapidly growing their online audiences.

Live streaming allows churches to give more people access to the church experience – no matter where they are in the world. Of course, this is great for regular church-goers on the move. But churches are also seeing their congregations grow as new wholly digital members begin to sign up. Disabled people, the elderly, residents in other states and even other countries – all of these people of faith are benefitting from live streaming technology.

But the internet has been around for a long time now, why is this only happening now?

The answer is quality. Being able to deliver your content professionally makes all the difference in terms of whether people will come back to your site or not. With a significantly reduced possibility of technology failing – whether that’s through buffering, low-quality video, audio problems and so on – churches are able to move people’s lives forward and help them grow their faith using live broadcasting.

Only relatively recently has high-quality live streaming become a viable option. With high-quality broadband, smart devices and connectivity increasing globally, more people than ever are able to tune into live digital broadcasts. And, because live streaming captures the action in real time, those watching will feel more included in the proceedings than when they watch pre-recorded videos.

Churches are adapting to the technological age. By embracing technology, they are able to spread their message beyond traditional physical and geographical boundaries. Though live streaming is perhaps the most powerful tool, many churches are also allowing viewers to watch services back if they missed it the first time, creating custom playlists for bible studies, lectures or music, and raising more money through online donations.

By starting a live broadcast or creating a video-on-demand channel, you will be able to reach more people, better promote your church and its activities, stay in touch with church members overseas and broadcast customized content. Some churches are using their live streaming platforms as the focus point of a more general online community. In addition to watching the services, members are able to share their thoughts via a forum, share advice and share more of your church’s content with their friends and family.

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