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How Do You Choose The Right Video Player For Your Business?

This may sound obvious, but it’s vital that the video player you choose helps to maximize the effectiveness and revenue potential of the video content you produce. Failure to utilize the best player can have a detrimental effect on your viewer experience and ultimately on your video monetization.

You need to select a feature rich video player that allows people to view your content quickly and seamlessly. So what are the most important things to consider when you are choosing a video player?

Content available on any device

If you don’t use a player that can deliver content to any device globally you stand the chance of losing out on a significant potential audience. Since 2010, the number of smartphones and tablets sold has overtaken the number of PCs sold; this year it’s expected that tablet sales alone will outnumber those for PCs.

Multi-device video players

Add to this information the fact that over 65% of the video content viewed on Facebook is accessed on a mobile device, and you can see how important it is that you use a player with the required level of transcoding technology to meet all of your video needs, including variety of device screen size and the ability to live stream.

The importance of load speed

In a busy world, people don’t have a lot of time to wait, so your video player load speeds need to be fast in order to keep viewers engaged. Research suggests that after two seconds, if a video has not loaded, potential viewers will start to lose interest, at a rate of approximately 6% for every minute outside the two second time period. In order to ensure the loading efficiency of your player you need to test it on a live HTML page where there are many competing priorities, so that you know it will perform efficiently for your viewers.

Performance measurement is key

It’s vital that you know how well your video content is performing, so you need access to a high level of analytics, including the number of views, the play to impression ratio and average viewer drop-off figures. It’s helpful to have access to as much information as possible so that you can keep track on performance; you may also want to track device and geographical location information, so that you can target your marketing.

Live Streaming is big news

There’s no doubt about it the live streaming of content is huge and you need to ensure that your video player allows you to have a successful piece of the action. Live events attract more viewers than VOD, but those that are viewing are less tolerant of issues such as buffering. You need to ensure that you have high calibre live streaming, in order to maximise the high click-through rate potential.

You can see how vital choosing the right video player is in optimizing the revenue potential of your video content. There is a huge cross platform market out there, to be tapped into, but you need to provide viewers with quality content and experience in order to engage them with your brand.

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