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How Can Religious Organizations Use Live Streaming

Religious organizations and churches are exploiting live streaming technologies to the extent that left many people surprised (including us). Those kind of organizations were quick to detect the opportunities and found out how to implement those technologies to easily stream live events, community meetings and study groups.

The easy setup and the low hardware and equipment costs are some of the key factors for churches to immediately begin streaming live eventsand even set up online donations platforms to support their cause.

We are glad that we had the chance to work with entities of this kind, by providing custom solutions to a couple of religious organizations. More specifically, we provided our clients an in-player paywall for monetization of the live streams and data capture tool, for collecting user information (age, location, email etc) for research and promotional purposes.

Churches streaming

I will try to explain the process of setting up live streaming of a religious event. Here are the main steps:

1. First, religious organization chooses on which online video platform (OVP) will the stream be hosted. Usually companies like Brightcove, Kaltura, and especially Haivision provide those type of services.

2. Than, they decide on the pricing model based on their target audience and organization policies. The most common the options are Pay-per-View or subscription price, or stream it for free. When organizations decide to stream it for free, they usually plan to gather specific use information or just build awareness.

3. Afterwords, they set up monetization or data capture plug-in, depending on whether the organization wants to charge the viewers or not.

From our experience, what end-users appreciate most is ads-free, multi-device compatibility solutions with excellent customer support from the service provider. If you are a religious organization interested in this kind of content distribution, we are looking forward to hearing from you.

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