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Harnessing The Power Of 360 Degree Video

The power of video has been very evident for years; people can actually see what you have to offer and what you are trying to relate to them, rather than just reading words on a screen. It’s already an immersive experience when it’s done well; now that experience has just got even better, with 360 degree and VR video. This means that viewers of your video content can almost feel as though they are stepping into the video and exploring what you are showing them.

The great news is that 360 degree video is now just as simple to get out there. You can experience the same levels of customization as you have from traditional video, together with analytics that enable you to measure viewer actions and adjust your content provision accordingly.

What do you get from 360 degree video?

The answer to that question is simple; you get the opportunity to give the viewer a better insight into your brand and what you have to offer. It’s almost as though they are walking through a showroom or a high street store. The whole experience feels much more interactive than watching traditional video content. And this can also be in 3D . Allowing the user to choose from which angle to watch the content increases user freedom and comfortability with the content.  This is highly effective in engaging users.

And talking about where 360 degree video is or can be used, the list is endless: from B2B ( event broadcasting, video tours, cinemas, advertisements) to security, robotics, military and consumer (Skype calls, wedding parties, sports). Not long ago, AccuWeather released awesome 360 degree video from a tornado in Colorado, where viewers were able to move around and see the tornado from different angles. 


InPlayer and 360 degree videos

We are happy to have already worked with partners that provide support for 360 degree and VR video.  This includes our recent collaboration with Bitmovin. With the latest release of their player, Bitmovin introduces adaptive VR and immersive 360° video streaming in HTML5! From encoding to playout, Bitmovin’s adaptive video streaming service enables you to create an immersive experience, which adds significant value to your video streaming application. On the link below you watch the demonstration of the Bitmovin player integrated with our Paywall solution: http://demo.inplayer.com/team/marija/bitmovin-VR-demo.html.


We are also proud of our relationship with Wistia, providers of high quality 360 degree video hosting. One of the main benefits of using this service is it’s quick. 360 video files are far larger than traditional video files so ensuring that they still load quickly is essential. The content can be viewed across multiple devices and they have great analytic tools able to show the viewing details for the video and where in the video content the viewers were looking the most.  Follow the link to watch Paywall demo with 360 degree video using Wistia: http://demo.inplayer.com/client/wistia-360.html

If you want to know more about how to monetize your next VR or 360 degree video, feel free to reach out to our sales team (sales@inplayer.com). They are happy to hear about your project and assist.

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