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Glory 17 with InPlayer Paywall on the way

Glory World Series, one of the leading MMA/Kickboxing producers, has been a key partner of InPlayer for over two years. We’ve planted the seed and we’ve been watching it grow and develop in the online world since it was a small little plant, and after two years it has grown into a big tree, the ones that cast a cooling shadow on a hot sunny day in summer. And it has been a real pleasure to be able to contribute to this rapid development.

We supported Glory for their first 16 successful live streaming MMA events and we are proud to announce we will be supporting their next MMA event in Los Angeles: Glory 17!

It’s always an exciting challenge to work on a streaming live event. Of course, there is pressure and stress, but the beauty lies within it. In a world where information travels with the speed of light, being responsible for on time delivery of a quality live stream sure brings a lot of satisfaction.


We recently switched the live event from Unicorn to Brightcove’s streaming technology for the Glory. The next blog post will tell you all about it – how to operate the technical challenges in setting up and monetizing a live stream. Glory is particularly happy with this OVP switch to BrightCove as their events are watched online by thousands of viewers across the world and the stability of the stream is paramount to the success of their operations.

And it’s not just about the stream quality and delivery of the content. When a stream is being monetized, finding the right pricing strategy for their live streaming is part of the challenge our partners rely on us to help them solve. This applies to the Glory team, who relies on our expertise to help them set their annual pricing strategy to guarantee the satisfaction of the production team and content owners.

And it’s not just about the stream quality and delivery of the content. When a stream is being monetized, finding the right pricing strategy is a big challenge too. Synchronizing with InPlayer as experts in the field of video monetization, pricing models together with Glory are being chosen on yearly level to meet both – customer and content owner satisfaction.

Glory are using the standard Video on Demand (VOD) or Pay Per View plug in (PPV & VOD usually gives 24 hours access to the user) and Subscription tariffs (unlimited access to the content, usually for 30 days) to sell tickets prior to the event; Live Streaming tariffs (limits the access to the content while it is streaming live) are being used when there is a live stream scheduled. Additionally, Glory uses our geo-pricing feature, as different prices need to be set in different markets, or sometimes a stream needs to be blocked in some countries, so we provide them with geo-block management for their stream. They are able to make all these customisation changes to their pricing and distribution strategy using our gated control panel or API.

Have a peak and join us in the live stream! I’m sure Glory 17 will bring a lot of excitement on the way!

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