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Everybody’s going VOD

A while ago, Netflix announced they officially have 50 million subscribers. This number should add up another 3 million subscribers by the end of the third quarter due to their expansion plan in some European countries.

Quite a number, huh? Despite all cable TV providers and satellite connections that have endless movie channels, 50 million people still decided they’d rather stream video content online.

That VOD is in full growth and everybody wants to grab a piece of the cake adds up to the fact that following Amazons’ streaming and VOD subscription service, China’s biggest e-commerce site Alibaba inks a deal with Lionsgate for a subscription video streaming service. And e-commerce business are not the only ones that see the opportunities in video-on-demand services. BBC just launched a brand new suite of VOD content for international distribution partners, including some of its best known long-form content strands. Time Warner is looking to roll out HBO streaming service targeting audience who refuse to subscribe to traditional cable TV services. And Wuaki.tv says browser streaming is eventually going to die in the years to come while looking at their stats that from their native smart TV VOD app from manufacturers – increased revenue for over 65%. Even movie directors are taking steps as skipping the traditional theater roll-outs and placing their movies to the public as VOD releases. Snowpiercer has earned $3.8 million in its first two weeks of VOD release.

Everybody’s going VOD.

With computers turning into tablets on which you can watch TV, smart TV’s turning into internet connected platforms where you can install apps and phones turning into devices where you do everything else but dialing, there’s no point any more in distinguishing between devices. People watch videos everywhere. And whichever device chosen, the lowest common denominator of all is – broadband internet connection.

Presenting their global streaming domination, Netflix just proved three things:

– people are willing to watch video content on any device, not just TV,

– people are willing to stream video content online, not just download it, and

– people are willing to pay for quality video content

Video monetization is the core of our business. We provide VOD monetization solutions, we support live stream payments, video TV apps are in our portfolio as well, and we also handle full video-on-demand platforms for some of our key clients.

Whatever your choice and idea for distributing your video content, leave the monetization part to us. We’d love to hear your concept and contribute to maximizing your contents’ value.


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