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InPlayer and the EU VAT Changes

We would like to inform you about the changes to VAT (Value-added tax) rules coming into effect from Jan 1st 2015. E-services such as video-on-demand (VoD) and live streaming provided to customers in the European Union will be affected by this new change. At the moment, VAT for these types of service is charged and accounted in the country where your business is established. Under the new rules, you’ll need to charge and account for VAT in each of the EU countries where your viewers are based and your service is consumed. Please liaise with your Accounting team for additional information or exceptions related to VAT charges for EU customers in your country.

We have developed a tool that will enable you to manage and collect Value-added tax.  To have this set up, please follow the steps below:

Step 1: Login with your credentials at: inplayer.com;

Step 2: Go to “Manage Videos” in the navigational menu;

Step 3: Select one video by clicking on it;

Step 4: Click on “Paywall Application“;

Step 5: Click on the “Sales Tax” tab. Here you have the option to set Sales tax rate per country, either excluded or included in the advertised price (the default setting is ‘off’). The sales tax will be clearly shown in the customer receipt and reflected in your transactions report so that your accounting team can have access to it and manage it properly.

You can find more info on VAT per country here. Our team at InPlayer tracks all the developments concerning our stakeholders and we’ll always strive to improve our service and overall experience with the brand.

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