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Donations – Easy, Simple, Charitable

In this fast-paced world online video is one of the key ways of getting your message across a multitude of users worldwide. Naturally, free services like YouTube and Vimeo are the fastest growing social networks for such video content. How simple is Youtube or Vimeo integration? Well, you just copy the link, paste it into our system and VOILA a simple code is generated and you are on your merry way.

Often times we come across stories and situations when we are moved by the predicament of certain people and their will to overcome the obstacles that arise from such misfortunate events. Since video is visual we often get inspired to make an immediate decision and donate for a worthy cause, an environmental movement, overcoming a natural disaster and so forth.

We, too, at InPlayer care, so we have developed an in-video product called Donations. Used for charities, Donations is seamlessly integrated with such free video services and can be used within a YouTube or Vimeo video. It’s a smart and easy-to-use solution which doesn’t force the user to pay, but merely suggests click the donations section and then you are on your way. You can also fine-tune the service to pop up at any point during the video, and if the user closes Donation it will not reappear again.

In the end, you have nothing to lose by using Donations, but you can gain way more.

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