Security at InPlayer

3 months ago

Security is very important part we consider at InPlayer. If you have any questions after reading this guide, or have any issues, please contact us right away. HTTP and HTTPS for secure connections. InPlayer forces secure connection over HTTPS using TLS(SSL) for all of its public projects: dashboard website paywall API Although the SSL of […]

Paywall 2.0

5 months ago

The Paywall 2.0 is the latest content monetization application by InPlayer. It has multiple changes and improvements since the last version. The new embed code can be found at the same place of the first paywall application, in the single asset section. There are two different tabs where the embed code generator can be switched […]

Paywall 1.0

6 months ago

The InPlayer Paywall application is fast and easy way of selling your content online.  For each digital asset that you create in the InPlayer platform, you are granted with corresponding embed code that will create the whole end-user experience once placed on some website. The Paywall app is only web-based solution. For more complex integrations […]

SDK for JavaScript

8 months ago

The InPlayer SDK for JS allows developers to build libraries and applications that use InPlayer Platform services. You can use the JS SDK for any frontend project. Installing the SDK You can find the InPlayer JS SDK on the following NPM url: To use the SDK you can instal the package direcly from NPM […]


8 months ago

There was never an easier way to integrate with our APIs. Please take a look at our documentation and start developing right away! Go to our API documentation to get more details:


8 months ago

With Webhooks you can build or setup Applications which are subscribed to certain events in the InPlayer platform. When such events get triggered, we will send a HTTP POST requests with specific payloads to the Webhook’s configured URL. Web hooks are usually used to update or create platform action/operation tracker, trigger marketing campaigns, sync data […]

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