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In the following guide, you will get more familiar with the Vouchers and their functionalities and features.

What are vouchers?

A voucher is a promotional code, a series of letters or numbers that allows your customers to get a discount on a certain payment. For example, when an online store allows you to get 10% off your purchase by entering the word SAVE into a field in the checkout form, SAVE is an example of a promotional code. This is the same way voucher codes work on our platform.

Creating a voucher

Creating a voucher is done inside our merchant panel. It is a two-step process. The first step is to create the voucher code and the second step is to modify it. Note that the second step is optional, and the voucher will work for all assets.

To start with the voucher creation, login to your merchant account on the link below and navigate to the Vouchers tab.

–      https://dashboard.inplayer.com/

Click on the +Add New button to start creating your new Voucher.

And make sure to Name it in the top left field. This name is visible only to you as the merchant and is not the actual voucher code.

Voucher Details

The first steps of the process are the voucher details. These settings are used to specify the voucher code, usage limit and usage period. These details are required.

Main Settings

The main settings of the voucher are used to specify a custom discount code or a randomly generated one. Here you can also specify the discount amount and the discount period.

Custom Voucher Code

When creating a custom voucher code, leave the Randomly generated code box un-ticked, and enter your desired code in the Code field.

Random Voucher Code

You can choose to generate a random code by ticking the Randomly generated code box. By using this option, you can enter only the voucher Length, which represents the randomly generated characters in the voucher. Alternatively, you can choose to add a custom voucher Suffix and/or Prefix which are not included in the Length of the code.

Discount percent

This field requires you to enter a number (excluding the % symbol) representing the discount of the price (1 – 100).

Discount period

This field represents a drop-down menu, from which you can choose the period to be: onceforever or repeating.
This feature is used when creating subscription vouchers only. If you have a PPV price, leave this option set to Once.

Voucher Limitations

The voucher limitations give the option to select how many times the voucher can be used by your customers. The Dates and Times options are used to select a starting and ending date of the voucher.
When creating a voucher, please select a starting date prior to the date of creation in order to activate the voucher.

Once you are happy with your voucher, save it by clicking Save in the top-right corner. You can also click Cancel to exit the voucher creation process and cancel any changes.

Modifying the Voucher

When a new voucher is created, it can be used by every registered customer that has the code, and it can also be used for every Asset and/or Package for the merchant.
There is an option to modify the voucher and select only one or a few assets/packages for which it will apply to, and select a certain number of users, by their email addresses, who can use the voucher. This is the second step of the process and is completely optional which means the voucher will work without any modifications.
There are five sections that can be further modified once the voucher has been created.

Voucher Details

The voucher details section is the first section after creating the voucher. This is the section that we have already set up.

Voucher Assets and Voucher Packages

The voucher Assets and Voucher Packages have the same function. You can select for which assets/packages the voucher will apply to.

To add an asset or package to the voucher, please use the plus icon.

To remove an asset or package to the voucher please use the trash bin icon.

Voucher Emails

In the voucher emails section, you can choose to assign the voucher to one or a specific set of customers, who will be able to use the voucher.

Voucher Access Types

In the voucher access types section, you can edit the voucher to only be applied to either PPV payments or Subscription payments.

Editing vouchers

To edit an existing voucher, simply choose the voucher that you wish to edit and click on the small pencil icon located next to the voucher in the Actions column.

Here you can edit all the previously set settings, except for the voucher code itself.

Filtering vouchers

If you wish to filter through your created vouchers and find a particular voucher, use the search engine, which is located just below the Add new + button (you can search the voucher by id, code, name, and discount).

Using the Voucher

The process of how to use the voucher code once created can be seen below.

Step 1. Navigate to the premium content on your website and open the paywall form.

Step 2. Register for your premium content (fill in the blank spots and then click Create Account).

Step 3. Select the price option and click Next.

Step 4. Click on Add+

Step 5. Enter the voucher code and hit Apply.

Hitting on Apply will activate the voucher, and will lower the price of the purchased premium content (you can change the discount amount of the voucher, in this case, the discount amount is

Step 6. Click on Pay.


For any questions, please contact support@inplayer.com.

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