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Last updated: 18 Nov 2018 / 3:19 PM / GMT

In the following guide, you will get more familiar with the Packages and their functionalities and features.

What are packages?

Need to bundle up your digital content (live streams, videos, pictures, sports games, matches etc.)? Now you can easily do that by using a Package.
Our package feature offers the ability to combine multiple assets into a bundle and sell it for a single price. Upon creating a package, you will be prompted to enter a price which will be visible on all assets that are added inside the package. Please note that every asset in the package should be embedded separately on your website. Your customers will be able to purchase the package by selecting the package price option on any of the embedded assets.

Creating a package

To create a package, login to your InPlayer merchant account and navigate to the Assets Tab.

Click on the Manage Packages button, located next to the +Add New button.

Once the new page opens, if you have previously created any packages, you will find them on this page. You will also see the option to create a new package. Click on this button to create your new package.

At the very top, next to the Cancel and Save buttons, you will see a field to enter the Name of the package. Next, you will see three sections to which we will refer to as the Package Section.

Package Sections

Each package contains three different sections called Package Details, Price Options and Manage Assets.

Package Details

The package details section lets you add a preview image and a description to your package. The image is visible only to you, as the Merchant, whereas the package description is visible to the customer upon making a purchase.

Price Options

The price options section lets you add multiple pricing options. All of the defined price options will be displayed on each asset contained in the package.

Each price option has four fields.


The first field, Description, is used to give a short description of the price. (e.g. Get Access). This is visible to the customer upon purchase.


The second field is a drop-down menu where you should select the tariff. PPV tariffs are a one-time payment, whereas subscription tariffs are recurring payments.


The third field is the amount the customer needs to pay upon purchase. Here you should enter only a number.


The fourth field is a drop-down menu where you should select the currency type.

Managing Assets

The managing assets section lets you choose which assets you would like to add in the package. By default, the package is empty. In order to unlock this section, you must first name your package at the top left and save it by clicking Save.

Editing a package

To edit an already existing package you should navigate to the Assets tab and proceed to the Manage Packages section. Here you will see all of your created packages. Choose the one you wish to edit and click on the small pencil icon.

You will see all the settings that were previously set up and change them at any time.

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