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Effortless control of your sales strategies for videos, music, files and podcasts.

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Asset management

Our paywall platform gives you the perfect combination of easy to use but still allows you to dig deeper among the meticulous settings to build up the sales strategy you need.

Easy set up

Sign up and set up your first asset in a matter of minutes. Add the code snippet to your site and start selling.

Integrated hosts

We support almost any player (OVP) and if your favourite is missing - just ask! Chances are we can add support just for you.

Multi-brand support

Not only can you add your own colors and logos to the paywall and emails, you can do this for multiple brands.

Fits your entire portfolio

With our platform you can protect and sell videos, music, files, podcasts and with our HTML support you can basically build whatever you want and we’ll serve that too.

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Make money on your content

Pricing strategies

You have full flexibility to build up your strategy of how you want to get paid for your content. And if you just want one-price-fits-all, then that works too.


Sart building interest and sell tickets weeks before your asset is released to maximise your marketing audience.

Recurring payments

Let your audience subscribe to your content. This is the first step towards becoming the next Netflix..


Wrap your assets together as series or albums and sell them to a discounted price.

Vouchers & promotions

Set up time-limited or even geographically limited discount vouchers to make your campaigns more intriguing.


Have you only got rights to your asset in certain regions? Or would you like to set up specific offers only valid in some geographies?

Currency control

Do you want to be super specific about what your asset is worth in certain currencies? That’s possible too.

Built for scale

It doesn't matter if you have a 100 customers or a million. We recently rebuilt the entire platform with great new architecture to ensure the system scales to fit you while always keeping speed and stability.

Autoscaling with Microservices

The paywall platform is built to handle unexpected peaks without the slightest hick-up.

Real-time updates

Thanks to webhooks you get instant notifications whenever anything needs your attention, not leaving streaming issues alone for long.

99.995% uptime

Don’t lose any potential sales with our telecom grade stability.


Integrate our platform into your own system and use InPlayer in tandem with your other business tools.

Analytics & Reports

The most interesting data surfaced and illustrated with nice graphs and charts. Our philosophy i that you can only improve what you measure so we make sure you know how your assets are performing.

Analytics Dashboard

Follow up how your sales are going to stay on top of peaks and off-season drops.

Export Reports

Give an overview of sales and audience sizes to other stakeholders in your monetisation project.

No set up fees

Start selling your content today

All-round security

We’re handling monetary transactions… this makes protecting data and transfers a hygenefactor. Still, we’ve architected our solution to make sure your assets, data, users and money stay protected.

Asset truly protected

Unlike many other paywalls we only inject the asset to the page once the user is authenticated with valid access rights.

Zero-footprint transactions

All data transfers are encrypted and using SSL. No data will ever touch your servers, letting you be headache-free every day.

No bypass by ad-blockers

By not using plugins to protect your assets we made sure it is not possible to bypass our paywall using ad-blocking software.

Limited account sharing

You decide how many concurrent sessions you allow your users to have, thus limiting the amount of devices that can be logged in simultaneously.

Latest product updates:

An entire monetisation platform

If you want one pice of the cake, we give you all of it - jampacked with features that will take your content sales through the roof. Basically we’ve just split up our platform into different pieces to make it easier for you to digest.

Paywall UI

Our generic, high conversion paywall is all about making the experience the best possible for your users.

Audience CRM

Capture data about your users, filter and learn more about where your audience came from so you can go get more of them.

Generous Eco-system

We have technology partners from every corner of the industry, covering anything from 360° video to podcast to major live events.


Add value for your customers with an InPlayer integration, or customize InPlayer for your own team and systems.

Dedicated 24/7 Support

We’ve got the most dedicated support team you’ve encountered. They will never leave you or your users hanging during a live event.

WordPress plugin

If you want to handle everything from within your WordPress interface, we’ve built a lightweight paywall plugin that sets you up to start making money in no time.

Custom solutions & hosting

If you don’t even have a site where you can place your content, we’ve got you covered. We’ll build a conversion friendly site for you.

Product documentation

Learn more about our paywall platform and make sure you give your assets the best set up for success.