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Charity Fundraising Revolutionised with new Paywall Plug-in

Does your charity make use of promotional video to help raise funds and recognition of your brand? With the amount of charity based video online you more than likely answered yes to that question. But are you optimizing your video performance?

Your videos are generally intended to evoke an emotional response from the viewer with a view to gaining their interest and/or their commitment through donation. You will have analytics in place to monitor how successful a video campaign is. The question is how much of that success is in donations and how can you improve the levels of funds raised? The answer is Donations a new plug-in that allows for in-player donation.

How does Donations work?

It couldn’t be simpler to use this latest fundraising development from the team at InPlayer. Three clicks and you have the ability to ask your viewers to donate directly, while they are actually watching the video. Imagine how valuable this would be; how many donations do you lose when a viewer intends to donate after watching the video and then gets distracted and forgets, or loses interest when something else grabs their attention?

With Donations they are prompted to make a decision while they are watching your video; one click and they are contributing. You may think this is a little invasive when you want to attract people to your charity, but Donations is not like that at all. It’s just as simple to click once and have the message disappear with no donation made. It’s not about forcing people to donate, it’s about allowing them to do so at the time when they make their decision without having to visit another website.

It doesn’t just work for donations either, there is a version of the plug-in that allows you to gather contact details from people who are interested rather than donations. This allows you to focus your attention on people who are invested in your work, to keep them involved and make use of their word of mouth.

How well does it work with social media?

Donations is designed to work with video embedded across the web. The creators at InPlayer know how important it is for a charity to be able to make use of free platforms such as Facebook and YouTube which is why the plug-in is fully functional across all of these media.

It’s the perfect fundraising situation, give people access to your charity’s video on YouTube, then arrange for a message to be displayed at whichever point in the video you choose asking the viewer do they want to donate; allow them to do so there and then with a click.

What does it cost?

As a charity you will not want to invest a huge amount of your budget with no guarantee of a good return. The good news is that InPlayer do not charge for the set-up or running of Donations, they take a modest percentage of the revenue; they are just as invested in the success of the product as you are. And you have the advantage of being able to monitor the success of your videos with the purpose built analytics. You already monitor your fundraising by looking at your conversion paths, such as tracking the journey from the number of Facebook fans you have to the total amount of donations that result. Donations is created to work within your current measurement practices. It’s an effective resource that helps you raise funds more efficiently and that you pay for by its effectiveness; what have you got to lose? If you want your charity fundraising to benefit contact InPlayer today to get started.


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