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CAP Conference on Pay Per View

The Apostolic & Prophetic Conference (CAP) is starting today and we are happy to take part and help the team in delivering the live stream to everyone who weren’t able to come onsite.



The Conference, which takes place in Miami, Florida is a 3 day event that provides a unique opportunity to hear from the apostles, prophets and spiritual leaders who have come together to impart the word of God into the hearts and minds of the people.

Together with Haivision, InPlayer is responsible for monetizing the online stream, where people are able to choose ONE DAY or FULL CONFERENCE PASS and watch the event on their screens no matter where they are. The event is available in Spanish, Portuguese, French, Italian, Russian and Hebrew.

Apart from the standard ppv option, CAP is offering a Gift Voucher, where supporters can buy access to the live stream for their friends and loved ones.

To watch the live event and check its schedule visit www.capglobal.org.



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