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Canada Turning To Online Video Services

According to the latest report, released by the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) more and more Canadians are turning to online video services.

Viewing habits of traditional television have remained more or less unchanged. The average number of weekly viewing hours for Canadians aged 18 and over slipped only slightly, from 29.8 in 2011 to 29 in 2014. However, Canadians aged 18 to 34 spent less than half the number of hours (20 hours per week) watching conventional television compared with Canadians aged 65 and over (42 hours per week).


The Netflix Effect

It seems that Netflix is the one to “blame” for the increase of using online video services in Canada. The report has showed that Netflix subscription rates between the ages of 18-34  among Anglophone Canadians increased from 29% in 2013 to 58% in 2014. Over the same period, subscription rates for Francophone Canadians went up from 7% to 24%.

Going Mobile

The CRTC says Canadians are spending a lot more for mobile and Internet service as they feed ever-increasing appetites for online entertainment.

In a report issued Thursday, the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission said households spent an average of $203 per month on their communication services in 2014, up about $12 per month — or 6.2%— from 2013.

Wireless and Internet services accounted for most of the increase, rising by 14 and 10% respectively, the regulator said in the first of its three-part 2015 Communications Monitoring Report.

Spending on mobile-phone services, including data, grew by 14.1% in the year and spending on Internet services rose by 10%. The average household’s TV spending grew by just 0.7%, while spending on landline phones fell by 5.3%.

The CRTC said more Canadians are going mobile, with smartphone ownership increasing to 67% of the population from 62% in 2013. Nearly half of Canadians now own tablets, at 49%, up from 39%.

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