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Why Not to Host Video Content Yourself

2 days ago

As a producer of online content you have probably decided to take advantage of the ever growing appetite for online video content and produce your own online videos. Once you have your product all ready to go you can just upload your video to your WordPress site the way you do images, right? Well, yes […]

How To Promote Your Next Live Stream

6 days ago

Live streaming of video content continues to increase in popularity, so you may want to grab your slice of the pie. Streaming live content is an excellent way of connecting your brand, team or organisation with the Internet community. Live streaming is moving on a pace, with solutions like Facebook’s Live being watched by almost […]

The Lucrative Potential of Pre Sea$on

1 week ago

It is sometimes claimed that Pre Season matches are not of much interest to supporters or do not carry significant commercial opportunity for the teams involved (ignoring Premier League clubs and their jollies to the US, Asia and beyond). However announcements last week and our experiences as a monetisation business appear to be kicking those […]

Transitioning to a SaaS Subscription Model

2 weeks ago

Accenture published a research in 2016 saying digital products will make up 25% of the world’s entire economy by 2020. High performers in the digital business arena of the future won’t just consume more technology but also enable their customers to accomplish more with technology. New corporate cultures will be created that use technology helping […]

How to Grow and Retain Your Podcast Audience (Part 2)

2 weeks ago

We’ve recently published our Part 1 on How to grow and retain your podcast audience. With this second part we are analyzing the rest of the steps required for successful podcast growth and audience retention. See also: How to grow and retain your podcast audience Part 1 9. Befriend Podcasters Networking with different podcasters implies […]

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