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5 things to learn from the ice bucket challenge

11 December 2014 by

In one of our previous posts we wrote about different viral video phenomenons and how they monetized. The numbers are pretty impressive. Especially when viral videos are monetized for charity purposes. The ALS gathered more than […]

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How to add a paywall layer on your Ooyala video

09 December 2014 by

This is an example of the Ooyala player with a paywall layer added to it. The paywall will prompt 5 seconds into the video. — video — This is the code from the example above: <html> […]


Webinar: Social media fundraising

01 December 2014 by

Last Thursday we had our first amazing webinar “Social media fundraising” about the In-player Donation app, where you could learn how the app works and how charities can benefit from it on social media whilst using […]


Social media fundraising webinar

19 November 2014 by

We invite you to our very first webinar “Social media fundraising”, one of many to follow. Remember the Ice Bucket Challenge on Facebook? All those videos helped raise over 100 Million USD for the ALS foundation. […]

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Monetizing viral videos

07 November 2014 by

Remember David after Dentist? David’s father, who uploaded the viral video that went around the globe in just a couple of days, has made more than $150.000 from the video. Putting aside the moral aspects (David’s […]

Online Donations

Are you a Charity with a Facebook presence?

01 October 2014 by

Are you a charity with a Facebook presence? How can you make this be worth your while? If you’re a charity you’re probably used to using social media as a vital means of raising your profile […]


Deliver your training to a wider audience online

25 September 2014 by

Whatever your area of expertise in the training arena may be you can increase your business and revenue by providing an online video training service. Doing this extends your potential client base to a global scale. […]


Are you the next big thing in music?

22 September 2014 by

If you answered yes to this question then you might want to ask yourself another one; how can you increase your fan base and get the money you need to continue to develop a successful career? […]


In-player e-commerce

12 September 2014 by

We’ve previously written blog posts where we introduced our in-player paywall, which is a great tool for monetizing your video content without advertising. This blog post is about our in video e-commerce app. That’s right. With […]


Monthly spiritual streams available now through our partner Shimaa

03 September 2014 by

We are happy to announce a new partnership we’ve developed recently with the great Shimaa team. They’ve been doing live streams of their monthly spiritual sessions for a while now and were looking for a better […]

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