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Bitmovin Secures $10.3 Million for 360 Degree Videos!

Major felicitations are in order for our partner Bitmovin. The company has just bagged $10.3 million for their ongoing efforts to improve 360-degree video technology. By promising to reduce loading times, prevent buffering, and increase video quality, this latest success shows just how far Bitmovin has come since its inception in 2013.

We have long supported 360-degree video technology, and believe that the tech has the power to significantly improve the way that brands are able to communicate with consumers. More interactive that traditional video (which is currently the most engaging content form) and with more scope for business-side innovation than any other tech, 360-degree video offers companies the opportunity to take their marketing to the next level.

However, such progressive tech is not without its problems. If there were no bottlenecks between camera and headset, 360-degree video would have already taken off big time. But today such bottlenecks reduce the quality of VR 360-degree video and have so far prevented the technology from reaching its potential. Bitmovin’s latest investment will help the company find a solution to the bottleneck problem and bring high-quality 360-degree video to the world for the first time.

In the next few weeks, the company plans to release their 4k live streaming infrastructure for VR as well as launch further VR-specialised stream optimization features such as tile-based streaming and native Unity frameworks. In the near future, the company will explore adaptive streaming technology – which will dynamically adjust video quality depending on a user’s device and connection – as well as further develop its encoding technology, which already encodes videos 100 times faster than any other service on the market today.

All of this means that, very soon, we can expect to see a 360-degree video experience that’s fluid, high-quality, and incredibly immersive. This is extremely exciting for brands and consumers alike.

We’re proud to have collaborated with Bitmovin when the company released their adaptive VR and immersive 360-degree streaming in HTML5. And we very much look forward to working with them again in the future. Next time, the company’s virtual reality 360-degree video offering will be better than ever, and we at InPlayer can’t wait to see it!

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