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Author: Nenad Cubrinovski

Nenad is COO at InPlayer.

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How 2-tier Sports Can Benefit From Live Streaming

10 February 2016 by

In my previous posts, I’ve discussed about why live sports is the future of live streaming, the growth of 4K and new production techniques. This time, around I will talk about the benefits of live streaming and how 2-tier […]

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The Growth Of 4K And New Production Techniques

01 February 2016 by

From what I’ve discussed in my previous post “Live Sports Leads The Way In The Future Of Live Streaming”,  the future of live sports’ sure looks bright. Over the years, producers of sports content have always been innovative […]

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Live Sports Leads The Way In The Future Of Live Streaming

21 January 2016 by

There is nothing quite like a live sporting event for the level of excitement it can produce. Whether it’s watching Tom Brady score a touchdown at Super Bowl, or admiring the sheer power of Usain Bolt […]


Deliver your training to a wider audience online

25 September 2014 by

Whatever your area of expertise in the training arena may be you can increase your business and revenue by providing an online video training service. Doing this extends your potential client base to a global scale. […]

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