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Author: Kalina Zografska

Kalina is at InPlayer.

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OTT, Social media, Video, Video on Demand

Is #NetflixEverywhere The Death Of The Longtail Digital Video Operator?

07 January 2016 by

Well, we’ve all heard the news by now! Netflix is going global with its service in 130 countries, pretty much circling the globe, on the surprise and joy of fans worldwide. The only countries out of […]

API, Knowledge Base, Product updates, Video

The infinite strength of the direct-to-API approach

07 August 2015 by

As ready as we’ve ever been to plug and play our off the shelf product, we have also been thorough in our intent to always cover and expand our Inplayer API Service in parallel with our other […]

Video, Video on Demand

Everybody’s going VOD

12 August 2014 by

A while ago, Netflix announced they officially have 50 million subscribers. This number should add up another 3 million subscribers by the end of the third quarter due to their expansion plan in some European countries. […]

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