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Author: Elena Draganovska

Elena is Founder, Head of Customer and Sales Support at InPlayer.

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Knowledge Base

How to add a paywall layer on your Ooyala video

09 December 2014 by

This is an example of the Ooyala player with a paywall layer added to it. The paywall will prompt 5 seconds into the video. — video — This is the code from the example above: <html> […]


Are you the next big thing in music?

22 September 2014 by

If you answered yes to this question then you might want to ask yourself another one; how can you increase your fan base and get the money you need to continue to develop a successful career? […]

Online Donations

Donations plug-in from InPlayer revolutionises charity fundraising

25 July 2014 by

If you think we are making a grand claim then you are probably right, but it’s one we can back up with facts. The team at InPlayer has had the Donations plug-in developed for a while […]

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