Increase life-time value of your audience.

Surface your most valuable subscribers and learn how to find more and keep them active.

Catch, engage, support and find more of these

Full CRM solution

The only customer relationship management (CRM) system you need to manage your subscribers and one-time customers.

User database

All registered users neatly viewable in one place with simple and advanced search and filters.

Subscriber insights

Returning clients and active subscribers are listed with data about which ones are prone to end their subscriptions soon.

User details

All the information you need to get to know your users and where to find more of the best ones.

Stats and reports

See the average lifetime value, number of times they log in per month and more of all or a specified segment of your users.

Communication & promotions

Re-engage your audience with offers and news about newly released content or send out special offers to prevent churn.

Targeted messages

Send messages to the right users at the right time. Segments can be set up based on location, activity combined with any parameter we store about your users.

Audience segmentation

Build your own segments to bring meaningful and comparative insights across your audience. We’ve also created a couple of useful templates with e.g. potential churners and VIP customers.

Email templates

Set up your own email templates with your branding for campaigns, offers, new releases and more.

Automatic campaigns

Send out discount vouchers or messages to users based on activity. With a discount voucher to all new users they will spread the word to their friends about your service.

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Agency or multi-brand support

We’ve built a bunch of features to make it possible to manage multiple brands, projects, sites with different or the same user databases, all managed in a single account.

OAuth user groups

Set up multiple OAuth applications to split registrations into different user groups.

Sub-admin roles

Add users from your organisation to your account and assign them to manage specific asset categories.

Single-Sign-On (SSO)

Allow your user groups to stay logged in across multiple domains to simplify their access to content.

Multi-brand support

Set up multiple brand templates for your paywall, previews and email designs to ensure a native experience on all sites.

Access admin

This is where the accountant in you gets excited. If you don’t possess one let’s just say it is necessary to have some administrative flexibility to keep your customers happy.

Control access

Go in and grant access to new episodes or revoke access manually for users who don’t deserve it anymore.

Grant refunds

In some cases there might be a reason to give money back to keep your users happy and willing to come back.

Edit user details

What if her first name is actually Monique but each email she receives starts with "Hi Monkey" due to a spelling error during registration. Clean it up.

Print and delete

In compliance with GDPR it is necessary to be able to show exactly what data is kept, how and why, and - upon request - delete it all.

Latest product updates:

An entire monetisation platform

If you want one pice of the cake, we give you all of it - jampacked with features that will take your content sales through the roof. Basically we’ve just split up our platform into different pieces to make it easier for you to digest.

Paywall UI

Our generic, high conversion paywall is all about making the experience the best possible for your users.

Sales dashboard

Set up your entire monetisation strategy and monitor all sales on a cool analytics dashboard.

Generous Eco-system

We have technology partners from every corner of the industry, covering anything from 360° video to podcast to major live events.


Add value for your customers with an InPlayer integration, or customize InPlayer for your own team and systems.

Dedicated 24/7 Support

We’ve got the most dedicated support team you’ve encountered. They will never leave you or your users hanging during a live event.

WordPress plugin

If you want to handle everything from within your WordPress interface, we’ve built a lightweight paywall plugin that sets you up to start making money in no time.

Custom solutions & hosting

If you don’t even have a site where you can place your content, we’ve got you covered. We’ll build a conversion friendly site for you.

Product documentation

Learn more about our paywall platform and make sure you give your assets the best set up for success.